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Thank you 0 days without sarcasm funny shirt .for mentioning the intro Its one of the dumbest inside jokes I’ve ever seen in a podcast. It shows how truly bad the fanbase for this podcast can be with how they KEEP PUSHING IT even now after over a month. Its not funny. Its not something I want as a fan of the podcast. I want a short-no intro. I don’t get the joke. It shows how things are way too echo chamber, tribal, inside-jokey. They have 2.5-3 hour podcasts but it seems like half of that time is spent on repetitive uninteresting shit such as ads (that aren’t really bits or funny ads like some podcasts), re-used video/sound clips, tour announcements (with cringe city names re-used over and over and over), and discussion on things they’ve discussed many times already (intro length). It’s still pretty solid and one of my favorites, but not like my far and away favorite anymore. I go days now before I listen to the new weeks’ ep, where in the past I’d listen to it at the first opportunity

0 days without sarcasm funny shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Classic Ladies
0 days without sarcasm funny Hoodie
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Powerslave is really good and definitely in the discussion 0 days without sarcasm funny shirt . For me though apart from Aces High it never really reaches the same highs as some of their other works. Piece of Mind and Number of the Beast are both less consistently good but have some of their best songs. I kinda agree with you. I think that Piece of Mind and Number of the Beast have their best known songs for sure. But powerslave has aces high, 2 minutes to midnight, powerslave, and rhyme of the ancient mariner (which I feel like you gotta be a real deep cut maiden head to enjoy).I feel like powerslave is just more even as a record. But anyways hell yeah fuck Margaret Thatcher piss on her grave. When I first started listening to them, I basically chucked their entire discography into a playlist. As a result I like a really broad range of their stuff. Powerslave and Number of the Beast for sure. I do that more now, but generally when I listen to music I make short  playlists from whatever artists if feel like listening to and run that for an hour or two, and then adjust. I’m kind of weird that way. With bands that have been around a long time, even if there albums aren’t really well planned, it’s interesting to note how the band changes over time. Also, it does really decrease my interest if a band doesn’t at least sort of plan their albums.
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